Proper Squash Attire and Gear

Proper Squash Attire and Gear

Squash is an internationally known sport played by people with various ages. Playing squash can be a truly pleasurable experience, not to mention beneficial to your health too. Actively participating in squash games is a fantastic way of improving your cardiovascular system.

Still, this favored sport, just like any other active workouts, can be dangerous if the player isn’t adequately prepared before the game.

Aside from having sufficient physical training as a means of preparation, a squash player should also have proper attire while playing. In addition, one should also confirm and make sure that the squash equipment is in suitable conditions to prevent the risks of accidents or injuries.

Wearing appropriate squash attire can save you from getting injured on a game of squash.

Firstly, it’s best to wear loose fitting garments so that you can move freely. Keep in mind that squash will require you to execute a lot of diverse movements, so the clothes that you wear should allow you to perform these moves. Since playing squash will most likely make you perspire, your clothing should be made of water absorbent materials.

Sweat can be a dangerous thing when it comes to squash, particularly when the sweat travels to your squash racquet. Your racquet may just slip and fly off unintentionally to somewhere or even hit someone. Wearing wristbands can also be beneficial to you and to other players. Sweat can also travel to your safety goggles and may affect your vision, so wearing a headband is also advantageous.

Wearing eye protection such as safety goggles is also essential to avoid eye injuries. The possibility of the ball hitting your eye is pretty small, but you should not take risks because once the ball hits your eye, it can cause extreme damage.

Choosing a suitable pair of squash shoes that can provide you sufficient shock absorption is vital too. Squash is an impact sport and you should select a pair of shoes that will give adequate ankle protection and will allow your ankles to have much needed support. Along with having proper squash shoes should be obtaining a great pair of socks with thick soles to protect your feet from blisters.

Aside from determining what you should wear to the squash game, you should also get familiar with the condition of the racquet you would use for the game. Check the racquet and make sure that the grip is in excellent condition. A slippery racquet grip may possibly cause injuries. You must also ensure that the grip of the racquet you would use fits the size of your hand comfortably.

Squash is already an enjoyable sport in itself, and you can make it even more enjoyable by doing your best to ensure that no one gets hurt for the entire duration of the game.


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