Squash Game Preperation


Squash continues to gain popularity being one of the most loved sports today. It has been more than 140 years since squash was invented in Harrow School in England, and now the sport has made its way to become one of the favorite games of people of different nationalities. Although the sport has originated in England, the current record holder of PSA’s (Professional Squash Association) top rank in World Squash for men is Mohamed El Shorbagy from Egypt. This only proves that the sport is being respected and taken seriously worldwide. According to World Squash Federation, there are over 50,000 squash courts all over the world.

Squash is a competitive sport. Although being friendly is promoted while playing squash, it’s undeniable that squash players definitely want to win. It’s important to know how to prepare for a squash match. Knowledge on how to prepare for a match earlier can also help in molding future professional squash players.

One of vital parts of preparation for a match is to never forget to have complete gear. Aside from having the equipment such as the racquet and ball, you must make sure that you wear a pair of court shoes that you feel most comfortable at while diving, leaping, running and lunging for the ball. Since squash requires a lot of movement, you must ensure that you wear the perfect shoes that will not hinder your performance. For safety purposes, you may also wear protective goggles. There are reported cases of injuries from balls (even the racquet) hitting the some player’s eyes. Even though protective goggles can be useful, some pro squash players prefer not wearing them. An article from BBC entitled “Squash Players Fail to Protect Eyes” revealed that more than one-third of the number of players claimed that wearing goggles is uncomfortable and goggles limit their vision.

Make certain that you have had a pre-game meal. Even if having a meal before a match is important, choose to eat a meal that can easily be digested. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated because squash games are sure to make players sweat a lot!

Warm up before the match. Warming up does not only consist of doing stretches to prepare your body. It is also crucial to practice hitting the ball. You may hit the ball to the wall to condition your body before the squash game.

Prepare yourself mentally. Squash is a fast-paced sport and accuracy is important. In order to be accurate you have to prepare yourself by making sure you’re alert. Even Peter Nicol himself believes that mental preparation is important in playing squash.

Make sure that you are fit to play the game. Squash is a high-intensity, strenuous sport which requires a lot of vigorous movements. Don’t ignore an injury. If you’re having pains before the match, ensure that you seek professional advice.

Get some rest, don’t overdo it. Preparation for big squash matches can take weeks. During this period of time, it’s hard to avoid over practicing, especially if you really have a strong desire to win. Still, your body needs adequate rest. Some injuries result from overusing or putting too much strain on muscles without giving it time to heal.

It takes many squash matches and even more practice to be a good squash player. An assortment of skills and qualities are needed to be able to play squash games well; but every successful squash player has one thing in common—they are prepared in every squash match.

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