Most Common Injuries from Squash

Squash Player with Knee Injury

Squash is a particularly active sport that will definitely require you to move a lot. A lot of various, extreme movements can result to injuries.

Injuries from playing squash may be caused by a variety of reasons – inadequate preparation, pre-existing injury, old age, or maybe just plain accident. Sometimes, even the most seasoned, perfectly prepared squash professionals are unable to escape those inevitable cases of accidents during the game.

If you’re new to playing the action-packed sport, knowledge of the most common injuries acquired from squash can help you understand them better and may aid you in preparing for them if you ever come across incurring them.

The following are some of the most common squash injuries:

Muscle Injuries – Muscle injuries from playing squash can be caused by the different drastic moves you do while playing. In squash, it’s natural that you do some radical motions such as leaping for the ball. The repeated twisting of your body, stopping, and starting once more, may result to muscle injuries.  The most common muscle injury experienced by squash players is hamstring injury. The hamstrings can cramp, tear, and strain. Hamstring injuries, specifically muscle tears, can take for as long as weeks to months to be fully healed.

Joint Injuries – Joints injuries in squash are obtained from constant severe force applied when hitting the ball. This joint injury, also known as the ‘tennis elbow’, is a result of continuously using your dominant arm when hitting with the racquet. Tennis elbow generally produces pain when you try to extend your fingers or try to grip hard. Along with tennis elbow is the knee injury that can be incurred from the sprinting, stopping, and starting abruptly, just as with muscle injuries. Shoulder injuries can be received from colliding with the wall while playing, or in some cases, colliding with another player during the game.

Impact Injuries – Impact injuries are also common with squash players; especially that squash is an impact sport. Impact injuries are usually results of your body hitting another hard object while playing. While shoulder injuries can be acquired from colliding with the walls, the injury obtained after the collision can also be considered as an impact injury. Another typical impact injury from playing squash is a result of the ball hitting parts of your body. And, you can also get impact injury when the actual racquet hits you.

These are the most common injuries one can get from playing squash, although minor back aches and pains can also be obtained from bending down to be able to reach and hit low balls during the game.

If you’re just a beginner in playing squash, it’s better to accept the fact that, yes, sometimes injuries are unavoidable. But better understanding of what the injury entails can help you be more careful in playing this thrilling game.

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