Squash Equipment


Squash racquets are now regulated under the rules of the game and have maximum dimensions of 686mm long, 215mm wide with a maximum allowed strung area of 500 square centimetres. The heaviest allowed weight is 255g however most are much lighter and weigh between 90g and 150g.

Squash balls weigh between 23g and 25g and are between 39.5mm and 40.5mm in diameter. There are a number of different balls that are provided based on the temperature, conditions and standards of the players. More experienced players will use slower balls that have less bounce this is because they will “die” in the corners making it harder whereas as balls with more bounce will allow for easier shots.

Squash balls must be hit to warm them up in the beginning of a session as if the ball is cold it will have very little bounce. Colored dots on the ball indicate its level of bounciness.

Dimensions for a Singles Squash Court

A squash court is surrounded by four walls with a front line that separates the front and back half of the court. There is also a half court line that separates the left and right hand sides of the back half of the court. Each of the 2 back boxes have a smaller box known as service boxes. All of this is only relevant for serves.

There is an outline that runs along the top of the walls, if the ball touches above or on the line the ball Is out. There is a bottom line running along the front wall which marks the top of the “tin”. The “tin” is a 0.5m high metal area which when struck signifies that the ball is out. The middle line of the front wall is a service line and is only used for serves.

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